Monday, November 30, 2009

File Converters

I wouldn't say I found this an easy exercise. I ended uploading my document about six times before I realised I had already uploaded it. And I didn't even do it the way we were instructed to do. Boy was I baffled. Any way I have got there now :-) In retrospect I think that I saved myself hassle by opening the attachment up in the Google Docs format to start with.

I think that it's great to know how to do this so we can help our patrons when they come into the library with documents saved in other applications our computers don't have. At least the information is still in the document even if the formatting changes.

I was quite surprised at how much the Google Docs altered the email word document. Yes, it was still recognisable, but fancy headings and bullet points were changed and the table lines removed, although the positioning of the information was still in a readable format.It changes the positional layout on the page too as some of the information aligned to the left of the page.

By having a Gmail a/c it certainly saves time when downloading files. It would be great if we could encourage our patrons to use Google for uploading files. They seem to require this type of help when they are writing there Cv's or applying for jobs.
I also had a go at uploading a file in Zoho writer as I would like to use this in the future

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