Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Web Searches- Amazing what they do!

I chose the subject of Mosaics as I am preparing a chair for outside to mosaic in concrete and tiles during the Christmas holiday period. I was fascinated by the different ways I could search in the different search engines, using the related terms and different formats of videos,books,news,forums etc. All the search engines had similar extensions available to be used, which I reckon speeds up and can expand the array of information one views. This is great. I could play here all day, if time allowed.
Guided by these wonderful easy to follow instructions on the "getwithit' programme I found it easy to search the different sites. Thanks for the guidelines.By doing these exercises, it has certainly made me more aware of the different options available within these search engines.
I dont have a favourite site as they all appear pretty useful, however I did like the layout of "bing" and the ability to hold the mouse over the listed result to geet a preview of the information.I find having a navigation bar on the sites very useful.

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