Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sites for Readers and Booklovers

Here is a fantstic trailor of the book 'Alabama Moon' by Watt Key. It is worth well watching.

Trailors are a new way that authors are marketing their books on the internet.


I started searching for adult books that I would be interested in and then moved onto children's reads.
I really liked the Library Thing and Good Reads site for connecting with books. I found these particularly friendly to use.
I also get regular email alerts from a group called "Lovereading4kids". They have great updates on titles for all reading levels / ages.Its a site worth looking at as it provides a summary of the book, ages level the book is most suitable for and places where this title can be purchased from.Also displayed are other relevant categories that the user of the website my be interested in.
Have a look at
I really like the site Shelfari. Its very easy to use, especially as it is flexible with the order that the authors name is entered. I subscribed to this site. I looked up two authors, Joyce Meyer and Max Lucado, and got results. I enjoyed reading the reviews of others about certain books I looked up. Its great to see the rating option here too. More information to guide the prospective reader.
This site also caters for authors of children's and teen books. Some of the other sites did not provide this option.
I couldnt make Goodreads work for me but enjoyed using Anobii for the same reasong as Shelfari. Anobii provided a list of similar links at the bottom of the page. Inspiring me to read more.
The discussion group option was good, providing an opportunity to share ideas about the book read with others. An online chat scenario, real social networking!!
Book army was pretty awesome. Similar to the others and displays 'most read', top books and top author options. Also has childrens and teen books as well as adult items.

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