Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Specialist Search Engines

What fun to be had with the specialist search options. This was a result of searching sport with pink colour, clipart and large image. I Just had to include this on my blog. I thought the 'Usage rights'information was useful, saving time with searching for an image to use.

My search on Blinkx and You Tube was refined from letterbox to mail box, I sourced heaps of irrelevant material. Probably due to the fact that various cultures use different words for different things. So I need to be aware of the use of mailbox,postbox,letterbox terminology useage. I searched all three terms.In each case I did get other useless links.Gee! It's easy to get side tracked looking at the links.

I also searched Blinkx and You Tube with Raglan, Zealand. Prompted because I had just been speaking to my daughter who lives in the farming district of Te Mata, near Raglan. Blinkx delivered me with searches predominately from You Tube but also others sourced from other video search engines like Revver,Google,Blip tv, My and All daily motion videos. I never heard of these but obviously Blinkx sources from a wider field than just You Tube. Results on Blinkx were 85 links and showed the tags at the bottom of the listings,

You tube selected 298 search links. I did like the way they were displayed, and the variety of hits as it gave me more to browse at. However the advanced search mode in Blinkx was good to have as it probably refined the search more.

Book Search provided me with a language option so obviously chose English.Great that it provides us with archival material,content page viewing and enables us to search magazine material no longer in print. It's also handy to have digitalised access to work in full print, and ready limits to suppliers who may have the magazines available for purchase.
Just like the google books video link stated, its great to have access to this information for those who are studying or not able to directly source them.

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