Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Author's Perspective

Have a look at this link to Morris Gleitzman's website: site has great information is all different sorts of formats, video and podcasts. Looks pretty up to date with how authors are use technology to promote their books.

I had my first look for podcasts in the Authors on Tour site. I think the alphabetical author archive is great as the first couple of searches came up with no results. As I looked down the list I came across Neil Gaiman, with the book Anansi Boy-which we have on our NSL shelves in the adult section.
The link gave a brief summary of the book and provides a link to the podcast. It also tells you of further authors on tour that will be likely to have podcasts. I think this is great. It provides those who have reading problems with a chance to hear about the story, before they read the book.
I enjoyed browsing around the Authors @Google site looking at the selection of videos on authors. Viewed a couple of Michael Morpugo's interviews.
While hunting for 2 podcasts I went into the site Open books. I was disappointed that the site did not have an alphabetical listing of the authors, as the list provided was just a random list. But they were interesting podcasts to listen to. I didn't know any of the names so guess they might be local fellas.

Using the Free library of Philadelphia had trouble finding podcasts. Maybe the authors I was searching for did not have a podcast made of them. I couldn't find any of children's authors that I knew. I did listen to one with Frank McCourt 'Tis. Interesting to listen too.

Reading Rockets was great as it provided a list of video interviews to choose from. So i didnt have the hit and miss effect, and actually got some good results. Looked at Avi about the book Crispin. Good having the transcript to view too. Just loved this one.

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